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Standing Down Falling Up: Asperger's Syndrome from the Inside Out

Nita Jackson is the author of the book ‘Standing Down Falling Up’. She has Asperger’s syndrome and was only 18 years old when she wrote this book. The book is about Nita’s experiences of Asperger. The book has excess of pessimistic views and this was not repressed in her writing as she wanted to give a true Asperger’s account.

I have chosen certain parts that might be of interest to us in understanding Aspergers.The three common myths about Aspergers are Stupidity, problems with imagination and disliking change. Are they all true?

Learning difficulties are common in Asperger youngsters but, they are not incompetent. Considering the incredible talent of Einstein in science and Donna Williams(author of nobody nowhere and somebody somewhere).Therefore Aspergers people are NOT stupid and every Asperger’s are exceptionally gifted in at least one area but, this may be repressed due to lack of confidence. Nita had a passion for Art since junior and when her personality was repressed, she felt completely useless and only due to her parents encouragement she entered college and excelled in Arts.

Aspergers people have difficulty imagining what others think. Nita couldn’t understand facial expressions, what they meant or the way they said it. Only after her diagnosis she discovered that she was speaking the other language and she had to learn the one the rest of the society is speaking.

Nita also, disliked change and depended on routine and structure so that she doesn’t lose balance with life. If routine and structure is changed she couldn’t cope.

Nita also talks about how she was bullied at school and how vulnerable she was to pranks. During her last year she dropped out of school and was home tutored by her mother who sacrificed her job even though money was a difficult issue.

Nita stresses that, If the child was diagnosed before starting school parents should inform the kid about the condition and not persuade the child to behave like a mainstream child. Also, informing the teachers and classmates is important so that they do not treat the child like he/she was insane. Furthermore she talks about recommendations from her mother about teaching Aspergers students.

The book is worth reading to understand how world looks like in Nita’s perspective.

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Standing Down Falling Up: Asperger's Syndrome from the Inside Out

By Nita Jackson