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Well, seems like time is always against us. Nevertheless, the advent of media technology enables us to obtain information although we are always on the go. Roaming around while maintaining contact with the others could never been easy before, thanks to the Internet!

Now, let's go deeper into the subject of discussion. I guess you must have heard about Asperger's syndrome. Then definitely you will question yourself, what is it about? Now, you have arrived at the right place and the right time for you to explore further on it!

Since we intend to educate people about Asperger's syndrome, so here we have selected a short video regarding about the syndrome, very brief, very plain, but extremely informative. So, for those who is always on the go, this is the video for you, helping you to understand better about Asperger's syndrome!

A brief highlights on the clip:
This video explains about 3 symptoms observed in a patient to be diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome. the 3 symptoms are:
1. Difficulties in social functioning - the person may find it difficult to understand people's emotion and he also has some hindrance when chatting to normal people. Asperger's syndrome patients are found to be lonely in almost all times.
2. Sensory issues - the patient is over-sensitive to the changes in his surrounding, which can be perceived by his sensory organs. For example, when he sees a red object. He will comment that the red object is obviously bright and he sees red as the most obvious of all the colors that he sees (ie. sensory selectivity).
3. Obsessive interest - Asperger's syndrome patients have a narrow and specific interest that they will be strikingly obsessed in. For example, the patient may be obsessed in his study, as a result of that, when he holds a conversation, that conversation will be about study and he will excel in that field. (That's why we call it high mental functioning Autism).

Information - video is taken from, For more videos, you can go to this website to get related information about Asperger's syndrome.