Introductions to the Team & Disclaimer

Welcome all to the blog of IMU M109 group 4 Humanities in Medicine selective students aka "My Aspy" group :). The member's of this group are myself, Emalna Alim, Heshan Tremonti, Mohammad Azlan, Abarna, Lubaina, Cecilia Wong and Rasvinder. Together we'll be building this blog to focus on the issue of Asperger's Syndrome. We felt that it was an appropriate special needs topic to be explored and promoted because of it's misunderstood nature among people.

Disclaimer: The topics posted here are done by us students. The works here are not prescriptive, please follow up with your local professional councilor or expert. Much of our work is based of other original works so we seek to acknowledge them. Please contact us at if you feel that we have unfairly taken credit for work which is not ours.